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Marble carving products are the most high end market, the special persons are always try to own something special and unique all over the world.
One of our outstanding from our competitors are our design capability and customised production, to meet with individual requirement of every single customer.
For most of the master size fireplace, fountain, gazebo, door surround and architecture project, we will make autoCAD drawing and artistic sketch for approval. For some parts of artistic carving, we will make clay model for approval before carving. During production, we will send you updated photos and you could see how your idea is being realised.
In one word, we supply top quality carvings only, you pay what the money worthy !
If you are a home designer or home builder, or you are build house of yourself, and you some good idea, not hesitate any more, contact us to make it realised !
marble door surround, doorway, autoCAD drawing, designed according to dimensions of the existing door
marble fountain with pond, CAD drawing 3D model
marble pond for fountain, this is a new model designed by autoCAD
marble gazebo, modified according to a customer's requirement, autoCAD designed ISO model
marble basin, 3D model designed by autoCAD
marble fireplace with overmantle, according to required dimensions we scaled by photoshop software, so customer could feel it in advance
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